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  • 09 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 01:46

Good news came from Melis

Good news came from Melis
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21 days ago marrow transplant from an 8 year old Melis Akbash good news came.

İzmir news: 21 days ago marrow transplant from an 8 year old Melis Akbash good news came. Adaptation of the desired tissue in the marrow and could be discharged 10 days later it was announced. Father Bahadir Akbash Melis them,"my sister look good. Exit After soaking my job to hug him,"said said.
Turkey's marrow mobilized to find that 8-year-old Melis Akbas, 21 first proper soaking the presence and the successful Following the operation of second life 'hello' he said. Small Melis after transplantation, tissue compliance the surgery three weeks after the family and doctors joy that was heralded news responded.
daughter's general health was good, stating that they have feelings of priceless, indicating that the father Bahadir Akbas,"joyful news today we got. 6 months marrow were expecting. too delighted, happy, at peace. hopefully other transplant waiting a moment before Rehabilitate.
daughter joyful news from his mother heard. Already itself earlier, had said, 'I restore my health from hospital I'm not going,' he said. Dear artists Gülben Ergen and have met soon Melis want to visit, he said. daughter every time to me, 'my brother look good. him want to hug' he said. most wanted what 2-year-old brother Berat Arda hug,"he said.
e Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Department Chair Professor war Kansoy the Meýlis the health status related to The following information was passed :"N wise after the three-week period, their bone marrow as there was no new bone marrow new an era is happening. during this period was also very eventful way could have, but rather a period of calm spent. Yesterday As new bone marrow have kept see that. the next stage is also very important. protective and preventive methods of treatment to be applied. Recent bone marrow Securely The formation may take several months. most early 2-3 months after the new immune system occurs. 9-12 months later the new bone spindles brought by the immune system sitting is going on. This means that in front of us a year there is a process. Now an uneventful transport has undergone a problem does not exit directly to the house within 10 days of discharge from hospital may have an opportunity,"he said.

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