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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 11:39

From Wrist Angioma Method

From Wrist Angioma Method
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Medical Park Medical Center Cardiology expert Dr. Samsun.

Samsun news: Medical Park Medical Center Cardiology expert Dr. Samsun. Recep Asiltürk"radial angiography method (method wrists from Angioma)"briefed.
Exp. Dr.. Recep Asiltürk"groin vessels made from the patient for a certain period of bed connecting the coronary angio-known and most widely applied method. But now our country have the same standards and patient comfort of living, providing wrists from Angioma treated by the process easier. Cardio-vascular disease diagnosis, years in the groin entering the angiography procedure in the hospital was forced to citizens coronary angiography method on the same day can return home,"he said.
groin vein as was done in the same way wrist veins to the heart by reaching Angioma perform said they Exp. Dr.. Recep Asiltürk"in our bodies all the arteries from the aorta originate is still at the wrist achieved vessels and are being carried out. These methods are important in the patient's physical structure compliance,"he said.
Samsun Medical Park Medical Center Cardiology expert Dr.. Recep Asiltürk radial angiography method is widely used in the world since 1989. Among cardiologists in Turkey radial angiography methods are used. The biggest advantage of this method of treatment in terms of patient more comfortable, more comfortable, more secure, and able to move freely and can be discharged early from the hospital is. Patients approximately 3.5 hours can go home after resting in the rooms,"he said.

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