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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:09

\"First-time Published by a municipal city Encyclopedia of Turkey\"

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Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Publications published in the framework of'A Breath in Kayseri book was introduced.

Kayseri news: Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , \"This book is not written our culture will fade away ,\"he said . Photo Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , expressed through published books of Kayseri's culture does not disappear . Özhaseki , \"If these books do not even know our children is not written or us, this is a culture that young age of 10 will fade away because they live in that neighborhood have . They are how the social life in retrospect true if it becomes written , how the human relationship , how something their neighbors and trade relations that we have understood . in this regard, a handicapped society, \"he said. Photo Özhaseki also said,\"we are pushing the book to read but can not say we were very successful. our citizens who travel on the rail as municipal system we wanted to read books because they went smoothly . we put books by Stop the libraries. the first day that all the books were scattered but it was not any more. Leading does not bring , \"he said . Photo Hunat Babes Culture and the ceremony at the Art Center, Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , Talas Mayor Mustafa Celik , pilgrims Mayor Dogan Ekici, AK Party Provincial President Cahid Ozden, the Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Department Oktay static and writers attended. Delivering the opening speech of the ceremony Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Department Oktay Durukan, gave information about the activities organized as apartments. Turkey for the first time a municipality Durukan underlined that publish such a work , \"President's instructions from the concerts during the year in line with the theater, we held many events as conferences, exhibitions from the panel. I've just realized year more than 200 events last year and at these events people attended more than 500 thousand . these activities are in the excited little more and happy to work to realize Kayseri and related publications Kayseri culture and the book was to bring them with you wrote on . so far , the Metropolitan Municipality in which is also the first time issued by a municipal town encyclopedia in Turkey have taken place in Kayseri encyclopedia we offer a total of 99 pieces to your liking , \"he said . the Photo introductory meeting and participated in the pioneering books published Sukru Karatepe former mayor , said that the brand municipality in terms of Kayseri. Karatepe, \"Our municipality is a municipality became a brand in the municipality area . This Mehmet is a situation reached its peak with Özhaseki . Kayseri has always been a good municipality are doing . Such , we have a reputation . It is a situation that we are we and always happy pride. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey is one of the serious publishing houses . publications and was an important city with a corpus about the culture of the city, \"he said .

\"First-time Published by a municipal city Encyclopedia of Turkey\"" comments for.


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