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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 21:15

FIBA Women's European League

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Fenerbahce Women's Basketball Team, FIBA Women's European League 2014-2015 Season , Group B match in the second week away Imose BK Brno Czech team defeated 2 of 2 33 points difference 85-52 .

İstanbul news: Photo Spades yellow-blue team started fast , Tina Charles , Birsen Vardar Demirmen and Tugba Palazoğlu'nun found that repeatedly brought his best basketball with the score 12-4 after 4 minutes. Liverpool continued to play an effective , he completed the first period leading 17-24 . Starting in the second quarter with baskets of mutual Agnieszka Bibrzycka , Olcay Cakir and Aston N'Dour effective competitors with yellow and dark blue in the pot , 21-32'y scores also moved. At this time in the hands of Fenerbahce completely control the game, Olcay Cakir, Miljana Bojovic and found more than 10 points Aston N'Dour hand and took the difference to 19 points. ( 23-42 ) Period end, who continue to produce score in the paint with Aston N'Dour Fenerbahce locker room 47-27 went high .
As with the first two periods of the third period in yellow , which is dominated by an absolute game-dark blue, Olcay, Kubra , Angela was effective in competing in a pot with 22 points difference mcoughtry and quarter finished 39-61 ahead . Last period Hindrakov and Quanitr Hollingsworth began with mutual baskets . Angel mcoughtry and Miljana Bojovic the number of intermediate points difference to 30 to remove Fenerbahce , Tuğçe Canıtez and Aston N'Dour was divided 85-52 winner of the match with the basketball . In Photo Fenerbahce Aston N'Dour 19 scorer of the match with a number , while Angel mcoughtry 12 , Olcay Cakir 11 and Miljana Bojovic was scored in double digits with 10 points . Photo Yellow-blue team , FIBA Women in match Week 3 in the Champions League November 19 Wednesday, Fenerbahce International Sports Complex Ulker Sports Arena Metro energy Hall to meet with Energa Torun .

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