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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:40

Emeksiz to party members from Full Support

Emeksiz to party members from Full Support
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Çaycuma district of Zonguldak AK Party District Chairman Av.

Zonguldak news: Valerie Emeksiz the provincial council members and the mayor of the party Nebioğlu Ertan Aydogan gave full support .
Meeting ; Nebioğlu Aydogan Ertan Mayor , Members of the Provincial Assembly Halil Gencer, Av. Elif Readers, Siyami Akçaalan , Nebioğlu Borough President Mevlut Özdemir, former Member of Parliament , General Ahmed Akçaalan and was attended by many party members . Member of Provincial Assembly Av. Elif readers in his speech on behalf of the party , District Chairman Av. Valerie unfair criticisms made ​​about Emeksiz said that they are extremely condemning Emeksiz support . Reads , \"Here is perhaps too old and the new City for an explanation we need to do before the General Assembly of Members, we have Nebioğlu collected as Mayor and Çaycuma should AK Party members . We are the AK Party Çaycuma organization for some time as a member of the party of Çaycuma AK Party district president authority district we watched with great sadness and regrets discredit efforts for our organization . However, we must remain committed to the AK Party, our organizational discipline , as well as our desire to continue the peace of mind and peace of our Çaycuma has obstacles to responding to the question discredit efforts. However, at the point has also been observed that ; we are vitally imperative to be informed about the process to the public by . the press was seen in reflected various explanations , District President of all Çaycuma organizational reality as disconnected Valerie perception that they support Emeksiz was trying to establish , \"he said .
\"Emeksiz PARTY GOOD CLEAN iS A pOLITICIAN \"Photo of the AK Party District President Çaycuma made ​​in building and Av. Valerie Emeksiz well located and full support for provincial council members speaking on behalf of the party Av. Elif Reads , \"We would like here to express very clearly on this occasion that , District Chairman Vedat Emeksiz the day he took office with the proper way to act on the AK Party mission since clean politician maximum efforts on creating the perception , motivation for organizations demonstrated in both selection entered since you came into office and synergies with moved AKP our increasing their vote Çaycuma across our party a success . Duties during earnest and diligent work gave results in the presidential election and the Çaycuma political history of the votes , 52.5% share of the vote in this election has broken the record received the highest vote. despite the success indicated in general our Party Çaycuma , party in the coming some of our friends ignore this fact , a very wide as our both our party organization sympathizers from our president cut is extremely misleading , we follow manipulative some efforts and initiatives in amazement . what Organisation us fail to show for the midnight of news confiscating their operations on our Web site AK Party would give the public the we are leaving conscience . Before the next general elections our party a strong government in overcoming the current problems with the unity and solidarity in the November 30th congressional district , outpacing the realization of the desire of our friends gathered here at different levels . We have reached the stage ; current District President Attorney Valerie Emeksiz before the AKP our 2015 elections to the further we all strive for a powerful way to be prepared for Çaycuma in the continued stability and success, we are announcing with respect to the public that we expect the support of all our members of the organization , \"he said .

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