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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 09:40

Eight dead in Tragedy Commemoration Ceremony Held for Workers

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Zonguldak, who died a year ago occurred in the mine disaster memorial ceremony was held for eight workers.

Zonguldak, who died a year ago occurred in the mine disaster memorial ceremony was held for eight workers. At the ceremony, the families of workers who lost their lives were present. Quran The Holy Quran is read in commemoration program miners below ground with tears families have fared.
Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) Kozla subcontractors engaged in the process Müessesesi riding in the gallery workers, occurred on January 7, 2013, died in methane gas explosion. In the event, Bozaci Hasan Hüseyin rower Muharram constructor, John Candy, Yuksel husband, Koksal Kadıoğlu Muhsin Akyuz and Sold Arslan killed seven workers were injured. TCC Kozla for workers who lost their lives in the Müessesesi No. 1 was held at the well. In commemoration day shift and night shift resulting from the quarry to quarry mine workers who were ready to enter. Including the families of workers who lost their lives in the memorial program, by the clergy of Holy Quran was read. At the end of the ceremony, religious ceremony sugar was offered to the miners. Ahmet Sugar Sugar Eve's mother died in the explosion, the miners after the ceremony in the hearth with his hands and offered sermon sugar. Eve Sugar, emotion-filled moments.
"God is alive ANYONE THIS PAIN" Koksal Kadıoğlu mother died in January
Mahdi Kadıoğlu also attended the ceremony held at 07.30 . In commemoration in tears Mahdi Kadıoğlu, son omission died arguing that said :"B ir years'm crying. Child is getting wet. These painful how long will it last?, God them bless., Like us on fire keep people from falling., I see these workers feel sorry to them, did you volunteer, they're coming but no guarantees are there are not there? Allah we entrust them ours omission gone. Supervisors did not look interested. Recruitment're sending 'adieu' call, like this funeral encounter. Allah to anyone that suffering is alive. I can not stand how long? I can not stand it I suppose, always with drugs'm standing."
Sold Arslan's mother Emine Arslan,"They burned them as they burn. Our lungs correspond burned. my pain was repeated. Already have slept in bed last night,"he wailed.
TCC Kozlu Organization hires a miner in 2009, the mining sector is heavily Expressing expressed that they work for a living. Miners in 2009 into work stating that continued as follows :"H the EPS felt so sorry for. We like them in the same way a loaf of bread are trying to. Life conditions are very severe, mining is very heavy. This way accidents are faced with . But unfortunately such an accident happened to us in 2013. Miners as we are very sorry. God bless. Allah give patience to their families."
in 2000 in the institution as a miner recruits Jesus Salceda, in 2000 since tried explaining that he continued :"13-14 years. deceased to God bless. Family to give patience. 2000 Since many accidents happened to us. lot of our friends have lost. Just last year but it in previous years was. I in 2000 with work that I entered my friends at least 7-8 in this manner accidents we've lost."
explosion injured survivor and died of workers with their families Mining Martyrs' Solidarity Association established Ayhan Gökgöz also said :"D ast year this day at 10.30 as we lost eight friends anniversary of the death.complete has been a year. we their memory prayer, let us read said. morning came our prayer did. Allah grant if afternoon at the mosque mevlid read will. see, families shabby. hold something to destroy. Nobody exist. our own struggle. Allah up our no eylesin."
families their way home at the end of the ceremony, while keeping the miners began to work overtime, take the place of the cage landed several meters below.

Eight dead in Tragedy Commemoration Ceremony Held for Workers" comments for.


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