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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:02

Distribution of Ashura at MSU

Distribution of Ashura at MSU
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Muş Alparslan University (MSU) were distributed to the students by Ashura .

Muş news: Photo asure distribution ceremony at the Governor Vedat University refectory Büyükersoy , MSU Rector Dr. Mr Faith, joined Minister Mufti long with university staff . Rector Prof. gave a speech here Dr. Mr Faith said Ramadan month of Muharram is so precious. The month of Muharram 20 asure distribute voicing due to the Rector Faith ; \"Today, 20 Muharram . Muharram especially one month we give value to the Islamic world. We can say a month that are experiencing the pain. Therefore spend full the month of Muharram we saw during Ramadan so precious and it is a tradition to commemorate the Islamic world. Pain experienced in today Muharram , in fact the whole humanity is a common problem. when only the Alevis , is neither a month is just an Sunnis . on this occasion I would like to congratulate the month we all Muharram, \"he said. the Photo governor Vedat Büyükersoy , highlighted the importance of the month of Muharram . Muharram is the month of Ramadan so sacred that highlight the Governor Büyükersoy , \"Dear young people , all of us in this country , insanlarıyız of this geography. For all of us , the month of Ramadan, the holy is holy in the same way as Muharram and Ashura . Even if you need to say further, individual profanity, violence , insult-free, all personal preference is precious to us , all of which are sacred to us. Some things are not in the personal preferences. in particular, ethnic origin, religion , creed, gender , they are not the personal preferences of the individual . None of us are writing petitions to God , this is preferred in we're not bulunarak world. that being so , to judge these features we birthright , do not fall into to no one questioned . we live in this land of good , well that equals yurttaşlarıyız of this country. If we were to consider the opposite , the individual, the society, the country , the state also not our benefit , it is your loss, \"he said. the governor following the speeches Photo Büyükersoy , President of Faith and Minister Mufti Long, asure distributed to students .


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