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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:32

Cyprus Airlines sinking

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Greek Cypriot Alithia and some newspapers published in cutting, wrote that the Greek Cypriot parliament's committee meeting in Cyprus Airways completes gave signals that will be completed .

Lefkoşa news: Photo Journal , \"Cyprus Airways Ends closer-had become clear in Parliament yesterday that there is no future ,\"the report given by the title , the Greek Finance Minister Haris Yeorgiyadis and in all other interested parties parliamentary committee meeting wrote that revealed that the company's future. Yeorgiyadis According to the news , stating that they are preparing for the possibility of the government's closure of the company in this case because of the company's AKEL and DIKO'wrote that the accused political parties . AKEL and DIKO the time of the company and investors find what they are transferred from the state budget of 90 million euros stated that they Yeorgiyadis , it was right on the money from the state budget reasons the administration said they were trying to persuade the EU Commission. Yeorgiyadis , the likelihood of convincing the commission stating that \"almost zero ,\"that this money is returned to the state will not be able to shut down the company, which said that taken for granted . Newspapers, other officials spoke at the meeting stated that he wrote in the comments that they went to the closure of the company.

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