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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 13:49

Conscious of Disease Remains to be fed in the winter months

Conscious of Disease Remains to be fed in the winter months
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Internal Medicine Specialist Dr..

Ordu news: Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.. Hussein Scott,"which thoroughly the effect of winter air temperature in these days with the fall of the flu, colds, many diseases such as ambush,"he said.
Army Medical Park Hospital, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.. Hussein rugged, winter season healthy to spend your immune system a little bit more that should empower you, it lies on the basis of adequate and balanced nutrition that took place, he said.
Winter season healthy to spend immunization is also important to mention that the rugged, cold air of the many diseases brought and To protect from this disease warned that should give importance to nutrition.
Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.. Hussein Scott in his speech,"Although winter diseases to completely block or winter avoid getting sick is not possible to your diet and eat ones paying attention and being sick how often you can reduce both disease much easier, you can avoid. Winter offensive passing and our immune system smashed against the diseases best we can do what foods rich in minerals and vitamins fed passes through. because our immune system to effectively do the task of getting all the ingredients that the body needs is necessary,"he said.
cold weather to strengthen the immune system, B, C, D and E vitamins and minerals should be taken with the fact that some Exp draw. Dr.. Scott,"and containing vitamin C, oranges, tangerines, carrots, grapefruit, parsley, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and other foods and winter no difficulty in finding that we both us against diseases that protects foods. Write with sunlight we receive vitamin D in the winter week two Once the fish consuming to make up. vitamin E, featuring corn, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils of the immune system to help increase olur.ayrı the body from harmful substances to lay the antioxidants are also needed. milk, yogurt, eggs, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach such as vitamin A feature foods that should be consumed. Again honey especially the mouth, throat, and bronchial disorders or we can use the natural remedy role will see. Moreover, the water in the body detox because it helps during the day plenty of water should be consumed. Coffee break instead of water breaks give you more healthy. Rosehip , lime, sage, ginger, fennel, pomegranate, echinacea, thyme herbal tea as a positive effect against the common winter illnesses are appearing,"he said.
On the other hand Dr. Robust, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, those with chronic diseases like diabetes, those over 65 years of age and low body resistance should be vaccinated against influenza and pneumonia added.

Conscious of Disease Remains to be fed in the winter months" comments for.


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