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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:28

CHP shooter assistance to the Vehicle Assembly Mersin Amateur Sports Clubs

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CHP Mersin deputy Aytuğ shooter , Ankara Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, made ​​by amateur sports clubs raised the financial assistance of the Assembly .

Mersin news: Shooter, Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Jagatai Sword, an amateur hut, 32 amateur sports clubs in Mersin done 8 times asked the reasons for his assistance. Photo CHP shooter , Youth and Sports Minister Kilic written answer to Parliament with the request I made ​​a question to the Presidency . In the resolution , Mersin Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Mersin on board 32 amateur sports clubs average of 3 thousand pounds to help yapmışken in 2014 to each of the other side just a shack shooters stating in the press by official documents that do help 800 thousand pounds , \"the information contained in the press, said the club 2 January 2014 it was founded , the first meeting of his 3 February 2014 , but the first payment of 150 thousand TL is understood that on January 28, 2014 before the first meeting. a hut, about from each of the other clubs 250-fold more help making has created anger among sports clubs in Mersin. a single hut help 32 amateur sports clubs of the total to be close to 8 times , seems to be suitable for the life of the ordinary , \"he said .
Minister Kılıç, \"an amateur hut what are the concrete reasons for the financial aid of a total of 32 amateur sports clubs in Mersin eight times ? \"The shooter asks , that asked the question of the response:Photo \"Youth and Sports Ministry of Mersin, 800 thousand to help his sports club founder and president of Youth and Sports Provincial Deputy Director sturdy? 800 thousand assistance requested assistance from club is it true that the next dated the help of the form? Not What date is the demand ? The first payment date and amount What ? with 800 thousand aid assistance request form signed with the club's Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate , the same as the signature on the request for the Sports Directorate is it true that belong to the person who admitted on behalf of amateur clubs , which would be the documentation , transmit to the General Directorate , received the money in there been any action on the same person, the person on behalf of their club? amateur sports clubs of any research about his where 800 thousand expenditure or investigation is been carried out has not been reason is ? I done? \"Photo Prosecutor of TASK CALLED Photo Questions engaged in a written statement on the proposal shooter , Mersin Youth Services and the Sports Provincial Director , Mersin from 3 thousand to each of the 32 sports clubs , and sports club founded in 2014 and became head 800 thousand ( about 250 times ) argued that aid signed by a scandal . Director that his club to make the payment in 30 March local elections before the start , which lasted until the presidential elections and a total of 800 thousand TL finds noted that the shooter , \"can not be understood that what served known so far about the payment has been made in any judicial and administrative process. Claimed to be suspicious and illegal payment is how to do that , Mersin people that where spent , the sports community as much as it concerns every citizen who pays taxes in the water from the bread is concerned . the subject of our parliamentary question fulfills our duty to audit by moving to Parliament and I invite you to task by the public prosecutor , \"he said.

CHP shooter assistance to the Vehicle Assembly Mersin Amateur Sports Clubs" comments for.


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