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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:22

Cavusoglu:\"Isidor is our common enemy \"

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Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, made ​​a presentation about the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission with internal and external developments in recent years.

Ankara news: Photo related to the internal and external developments experienced in the recent Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission of the information that the Minister Cavusoglu, Isidor's name is not known by many countries , which in time can not be understood as having reached the dimensions on October 10 by 2013 Turkey has been declared as a terrorist organization , he said. Cavusoglu, \"Isidor all of us is the common enemy ,\"he said . Photo Isidor's a regional problem that ceased to be and is a global problem that also Cavusoglu said that there was a possibility of stopping the current air strikes is born from a particular place , such as Isidor Al Qaeda after that spread throughout the world and that he anticipated the danger will spread . Cavusoglu, newly established government in Iraq , Iraq's stability , pointing out that they thought it was an opportunity for the security and territorial integrity , \"especially Iraq needs to take concrete steps to overcome the problems caused by the Maliki regime. So far, the return of excluded communities in Iraq needs . They have the Kurds , the Turkmen as well , Sunnis have so we hope to end in Iraq , an approach to sectarian \"he said . Photo Former Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah Affairs of the President and is arrange a visit to Libya on behalf of the Government and Cavusoglu stating opinions with all parties, that continued fragility in Libya , if the injunction or the United Nations ( UN) initiated a dialogue process as well as in decision noted that it might have a grave situation if peaceful way of resolving this problem. Cavusoglu, for living 1.6 million near the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey, noting that Turkey has undertaken the task of the United Nations, Turkey will not act like the United Nations regarding refugees and the issue of Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon and the UN Refugee High Council he stressed that the transfer to the President .
East of developments in the Mediterranean on whether escalation explaining that the continuation of Greece talks Cavusoglu, Cyprus natural gas and oil reserves around both the Greek Cypriot side and also said that the rights of the TRNC . For the latest developments in Cyprus, \"Currently unilateral oil and our measures for natural gas exploration work you too you have to follow ,\"said Minister Cavusoglu, çekilmeyip the table they are doing their part for a permanent peace and solution, but also the Greek Cypriot side , he said here provide a test of sincerity . speaking Cavusoglu on
1915 , stating that a country that is defensive in Turkey's Armenian issue \"our ancestors and our nation is not possible for us to accept the genocide attempted Perched , it's the gold we draw all the time ,\"he said .
\"we're now watching the case closely Perinchek East , \"said Cavusoglu, East Perinchek contact the European Court of Human Rights was adopted as a decision that violates human rights. Swiss court decision a large vehicle . France and Armenia was also a party to this case. We also tarafıyız of this case , we tekip this process closely , \"he said . A press conference took off after the presentation .

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