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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:06

British \"Grumpy the Virgin \"Died in Marmaris

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Marmaris district of Muğla woman dressed in a restaurant for 11 years, doing shows and \"Grumpy British Virgin known as\"Michael John Daniels , was found seriously injured on the street .

Muğla news: After a stroke Daniels at the hospital died .
Marmaris Icmeler neighborhood in a restaurant for 11 years, in the summer of women disguised show that 48-year-old Michael John Daniels house near the patrolling by police on the sidewalk with head injuries although found . Dropped his head on the curb strikes fancied Daniels of police is calling an ambulance Marmaris State Hospital kaldırıldı.çarp with the impact suffered a cerebral hemorrhage determined that Daniels , the hospital's intensive care unit in the efforts of doctors , despite kurtarılamayarak took her life .
Cabaret show women in disguised singing and making reproductions of famous artists Daniels , offering the show , in England \"Funny Girls,\"which takes place in a group called , so fame said. In the UK television show and participated in the Daniels'2003 holiday came to appreciate that Marmaris has settled and the arts and continued learned.
In the district some entertainment in the stage Daniels , British tourists showed great interest was recorded. British artist to be able to watch the show, they pay 60 euro per person and make reservations days before they were reported . Daniesl news of the death space fans sorrow drowning , shows his restaurant came to the stage to the flower drop candle burned.
Daniels for many years in the UK entertainment in the show, his last 11 years in the summer in Marmaris works were noted. Daniels in the district of Saif Dursunoglu analogy to the famous showman \"Grumpy Virgin in the UK referred to as\"the learned. The autopsy on the body are not traces of wounds and beatings Daniels'funeral was sent to his native England .

British \"Grumpy the Virgin \"Died in Marmaris" comments for.


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