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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:35

Bodrum Night Attracts Huge Interest

Bodrum Night Attracts Huge Interest
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Muğla's Bodrum district held in Turgutreis Bodrum Municipality contributed their neighborhood \"Basement Songs and Local Night-2 \"program called , has seen interest from citizens.

Muğla news: Photo Survival of the cultural richness of the Bodrum region with the support of the order , held this year for the second time in Bodrum Bodrum Municipality and Local Night Songs activity , has seen interest from citizens. Turgutreis auspicious Sabanci Multipurpose High School event held in the hall , who visited the district at the invitation of the Bodrum Municipality , which was hosted by the municipality , including Admiral Turgut Reis, the descendants of which included Tunisia's Djerba ( Djerba) Island Houmt Souk joining Tunisian delegation also from the city of Bodrum flour tradition and they got the opportunity to watch and see firsthand the customs. Photo opening speech, poet and composer Erol Özkaplan , \"such that the night was very pleasant. we find this way, tradition and opportunity to transfer to the next generation without forgetting our traditions. such particular enables us to experience a night in Bodrum Municipality Chairman Mehmet Kocadon , Bodrum Folklore Research and Tourism Association and thank you very much to all participants. \"he said.
stage female folklore in the night , unique to the Bodrum area and today a part of the wedding in the locality of \"Henna Night\"reviving Foresters , ZERDALI was flowering , Yeni Mosque, Heavy Kerimoğlu , Ferrier I , ZERDALI , Bilal am , Quince, Bottom Surmeli , Al is also ridiculous with my data and Barudu , morning dawn , Garg stream, crumpling, the Kayrol the Iron , Kocakavak , Blacksmiths, played in nomadic and nomadic daughter Ali songs. The basic circuit ( Bindallı ) wearing folklorists of the bride and groom as a representation that exhibits henna henna night after the show was burned . Turgutreis Public Ozan Erol Özkaplan is the song at the event , Bodrum Folklore Research and Tourism Association ( BOFAD ) Women's Folklore Team also enlivened the night of the game. Folk songs of Photo Bodrum area , Bodrum tradition with local games, custom, consisting of customs and traditions cultural values ​​of the past and to this day , and had to transfer to future programs to be organized in order , Tunisian guests also enjoy watching . Accompanied by a pleasant night suffered a large number of citizens who attended the evening and the folk songs played .


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