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  • 18 Mayıs 2014, Pazar 16:11

Ayşe Kulin:\"I care Kocaeli Book Fair \"

Ayşe Kulin:\
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On the second day of the Book Fair in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality KOCAL one of the most important writer Ayşe Kulin was staying .

Kocaeli news: On the second day of the Book Fair in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality KOCAL one of the most important writer Ayşe Kulin was staying .
Kocaeli Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality organized the sixth passage continues the authors at the Book Fair . One of the guests on the second day of the fair, the author of the million-selling book was Ayşe Kulin . Kulin, Kocaeli's book of his interest was extremely pleased , said:\"Reading books in societies highlights the lack of grip is happening. Booking readers love of people is improving. Empathy ability is improving. I Kocaeli Book Fair I care about , and since the start of every year, I agree ,\"he said . < br/> Name Aylin , Sevdalinka , Night Sounds , the Vedas , the owner of such works as the Book of Bora Ayşe Kulin at the conference hall in the International Exhibition Center held an hour-long interview . Soma in the mine disaster regret that voicing Kulin, \"Belgium was . Recent came . Soma in the incident'm very impressed . Yet even now of me , so to speak does not come . Deceased to the mercy of Allah, those close my condolences ,\"he said . Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality this year's book fair to be collected from those books Soma sending very meaningful noted that the Kulin, \"I wish this pain had not taken place . Soma all the help , love , hug will need . This is a requirement ,\"he said .
Author Kulin to interview , \"a woman's place in the Ottoman Empire \"and continued with the subject . Smith, \"Women's Ottoman period when the first acquisition in 1841, has taken . Qadi front nikahlan was introduced. This case women's rights registered can say that . The other hand, girls being sent to school was introduced. While in Europe at that time, women reading, election, selection , and studies have not right \"he spoke.
Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, related a story that shares Kulin, \"Mustafa Kemal in Sofia opera participated and at the time of the opera in its home country to be a dream and has wished . Mustafa Kemal's dream 40 years after opera culture in Turkey began \"gave the information .
Republic , only children of the rich go to school able reminding Kulin, \"together with the Republic only the rich , but the village people's boys and girls go to school began . a village boy , Turgut Ozal , If you were president or a village boy again became Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan , Prime Minister of the Republic if it is due , \"he said.
Kulin at Soma is often in an interview . I was very upset and said Kulin difficulty in speaking , you want to complete their readers in the form of question and answer interview , he said. Kulin's half-hour interview at the hall filled to overflowing answered readers'questions about the book . Ayşe Kulin , Everest Publishing House booth after the interview for the readers of their books signed . Kulin came in the early hours of the fair , interviews before and after the hours under the intense interest of the citizens in their books signed .

Ayşe Kulin:\"I care Kocaeli Book Fair \"" comments for.


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