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  • 29 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:09

Avoid saturated and trans fat foods

Avoid saturated and trans fat foods
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Cardiology expert Assoc .

Adana news: Dr. Zeynep Tartan , to protect the heart cholesterol raising saturated and trans fats that are rich mostly prepared foods should be avoided , he said.
Tartan said in a statement , cholesterol necessary for the body , which is a lubricant and two-thirds close to the amount liver produced by our said, \"But high cholesterol levels and blood vessel walls accumulate in the vascular occlusion causes. Consequently, heart attack and stroke risk increases. Accordingly, the problem in its simplest form response , high cholesterol, cardiovascular health for precisely is harmful. If high cholesterol harmful to health is which value is higher and how many kinds of cholesterol has questions to answer would be enlightening . blood cholesterol in the blood of different packages are transported in . these different packages, names , structures of the proteins according to the type take and each function is different. cholesterol many different subunits consists of . blood test , total blood cholesterol , this sub-gives the amount of each unit , but in the following assays have been measured in individual amounts of other sub-groups is found. The most commonly used cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol is known as benign vascular and heart health protection are involved in cleaning . LDL cholesterol accumulates in the arteries and blood vessels is known as a malignant form . Cholesterol and other sub-units are specified in log analysis . Triglycerides an oil , but cholesterol in the class is not , \"he said .
Heart on our health than talking very bad-tempered cholesterol low , best to get a high desired attention Tartan said:
\"Overall a total cholesterol of 200 mg/dL must be below . Malignant cholesterol and 160 mg/dl is benign cholesterol at 40 mg/dl is desirable . However, bad-tempered person's cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease according to whether or not to proceed at a much lower limit may be requested. In fact, a genetic disorder that will cause high cholesterol or , with regular exercise and a healthy diet , one non-smoker malignant cholesterol of 100 mg/dl and good-natured cholesterol 45 mg/dL can comfortably hold on . Increase our cholesterol foods of animal origin , which is rich in saturated fats and trans fats are mostly ready-made food . Mention of animal foods ; red meat, eggs, poultry, shellfish , milk and dairy products come to mind . \"
in Turkey breakfast tradition is indispensable as a full-fat cheese consumption and delicatessen products diversity , perhaps not more than high cholesterol causes stated that the Tartan , \"Too many of the eggs consumed egg yolk is rich in terms of cholesterol contributes to it . Actually, most of which are harmful to the body fat are saturated fats and trans fats . These are the majority of the body when taken in excess can cause an increase in LDL cholesterol . These oils are often in prepared foods , baked goods , prepared foods with fat , sweet and salty snacks in markets packaged food is plentiful in . If they consume a lot if cholesterol check Avoid it will be useful , \"he said .
Tartan , blood cholesterol, our healthy levels in order to keep a healthy diet and regular exercise we need , pointing out that he continued:
\"For this feeding our way again must be very Mediterranean cuisine . Especially in Mediterranean cuisine , especially fish has white meat . Plenty of vegetables, fruits and grain products contain . 2 days per week of fish, legumes in a balanced manner on other days , in the form of meat and vegetable dishes should be diversified menu . Pastries should be avoided , instead of multigrain bread made ​​with white flour and brown bread should be consumed in small amounts . Fiber content of the foods left over pulp and pulp as well as for the health of the intestinal absorption of cholesterol reducing effect must be on a healthy diet with . It is recommended 25-30 grams of daily fiber consumption . Types of fat and carbohydrates we eat is very important. Healthy and unhealthy forms of these nutrients available. A healthy diet should be taken daily for 50 to 55 percent of calories from carbohydrates , 30 percent from fat should be provided. However, simple carbohydrates , sugars, starches and other complex carbohydrates, as well as having form called healthy grains , nuts may be healthy as well as in all forms . Likewise fats , saturated fats and trans fats unhealthy form blood cholesterol and LDL which increases form or are single or multiple unsaturated oils olive oil, peanut oil, flower oils, omega-3 as well as healthy forms They can be . Fried foods , prepared foods, tail fat, unhealthy fats such as butter contain animal-derived fats . These minimum rates ( less than 7 percent of total calories derived from them to ) you need to consume . Regular exercise is essential for a healthy life . Made at least 3 days per week for at least 30 minutes of brisk walking for 1 hour of the ideal weight is very useful in maintaining balance . Exercise good-natured clean our blood vessels to increase HDL cholesterol , triglycerides fall provides. It also helps set the body's glucose balance . Along with insulin resistance and protects against diabetes . Benign smoking is one of the most important factors that lowers cholesterol . For this, the smoking cessation creates a positive effect on blood lipids . As a result, the nutrition of healthy foods , exercise regularly, not only in regulating blood lipids , cancer, diabetes , hypertension is also important to protect against other chronic diseases . Another very important issue to be considered healthy beslenils not even regular meal times , dinner will be a lot of cross slip and portions of the appropriate size is based on calories . Get more calories stored as triglycerides in the body to increase blood levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol that can affect the amount and structure also causes deterioration of blood fat . Nutrient content of a healthy life as possible with everything done in a balanced way . \"

Avoid saturated and trans fat foods" comments for.


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