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  • 24 Aralık 2013, Salı 09:36

Attention to Childhood Asthma

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Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital from the Department of Child Health and Diseases Dist.

Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital from the Department of Child Health and Diseases Dist. Dr.. Ayhan Cherry, spoke about childhood asthma.
the severity and duration of asthma attacks vary according to each child stating Dist. Dr.. Cherry, cases of attacks can not be controlled, the child came to life threatening, he said. Uz. Dr.. Cherry,"For this reason asthma, how early to intervene if statement checking and possible complications to prevent that degree would be easy. Attacks pioneer of evidence that might be about to have knowledge of them, one or more arose without delay, a pediatrician consult is worth. asthma attacks and violence from child to child varies. especially at night, increased cough attacks, persistent sore cleaning needs, rapid breathing needs or breathing in the irregularities, extreme fatigue, normal daily activities while fulfilling difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, wheezing important are factors,"he said.
airlines usually occurs in children resulting from edema slippery fluid, airway narrowing is a major reason that led to the transfer Dist. Dr.. Cherry,"Asthma table light in cases where children's daily life suffer from any of the normally continues. However, excessive exercise, dust, intense polluted air, cigarette smoke conditions such as asthma attack triggers and the child's quality of life is adversely affected. Also in winter the cold air under the influence asthma attacks increase. therefore especially children with asthma from cold protection is very important. Attacks in order to avoid the following points into consideration the benefits are. Children disease that may trigger environmental factors raise awareness and these factors avoid advise her. example, cigarette smoke away from the stand, cold weather exercise as to avoid. child's illness all under control, even though its essential medicines your doctor's recommendations in accordance with the use regularly make sure. possible attack intervene in case of delay for the purpose of the child will use the necessary medicines and apparatus at hand make sure. Asthma diagnosis has been placed children their families, it has a long-term illness that the child's daily life exacerbation of the disease to prevent certain precautions should be taken and medication doctor's advice regularly in accordance with the importance of using you should know. Families necessary consciousness when they have some special cases and cases except children, daily life any serious problem without will continue,"he said.

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