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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:39

Asmmmo 2. Done traditional Ashura Activity

Asmmmo 2. Done traditional Ashura Activity
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Ankara Chamber of Certified Public Accountants ( ASMMMO ) , Ashura Muharram therefore organized the event.

Ankara news: Speaking at the delivery room Chairman Mehmet whopping Ashura , unity and gave messages of unity .
Asmmmo took place with the intense participation of its traditional Ashura event professionals . The event began with a prayer room in the front room made ​​Ashura Secretary and President Nevzat Akkaya , Mehmet whopping speeches . Akkaya Secretary of speech , religion, and they all celebrate the national day as a professional chamber , said they want to serve the profession in unity and solidarity. Akkaya, underlining that they show respect for all political opinions and beliefs .
Room President Mehmet whopping gave unity message in the conversation. President whopping \"I wish the month of Muharram better and be fertile . We are organizing our second Ashura event this year in the room. We respect all the values. For us, the Prophet Prophet precious Hazrat Ali precious. We all would love . All materials in the Ashura how and with the we have to be , too. we're also training event , we are also social and cultural activities. our goal is to serve as one, and together our profession and our country . I thank you all for your participation , \"he said . Ashura distribution with a prayer made ​​by the clergy after the speeches were made.

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