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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:41

Ashura Catering in Historic Mosque

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Fatih Municipality, citizens simultaneously in historic mosque located on the peninsula and offered asure .

İstanbul news: Citizens in the distribution made ​​after Friday prayers were formed long queues for the taste of pudding . Photo Fatih Municipality Ashura Muharram thus catering to the citizens in the mosques in the district has made history . Suleymaniye , Fatih , Blue Mosque, Sultan Selim mosque in the mosque in the town , mainly distributed asure citizens after the Friday prayer .
Distribution , citizens held at Fatih Mosque was formed long queues to taste Ashura's . Giant has run win in a short cooked Ashura . Thank citizens to Photo Fatih Municipality , said they loved Assyria. A citizen who eat a Photo Assyria , \"a beautiful tradition. We taste the taste of it every year. It's nice to remember the Assyrian . Hz . Hussein to commemorate , to remember , to understand his faith and his hope to be able to live as God would grant us , \"he said .

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