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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:58

Alevi Association President Passenger Muharram Message from Bilginç !

Alevi Association President Passenger Muharram Message from Bilginç !
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Tahtacı Alevi Cultural Association President Passenger Bilginç , stating that it should be detected correctly Muharram fasting ,'upright Muharram fasting teaches the right way .

İzmir news: So stay open this fast , tough trying to download the tour level , totally primitive is involved , \"he said .
Passenger Bilginç , Ashura , and the message was issued because of Muharram , to power \"I hope this beautiful country's leaders , democracy secularism which is the source of enlightenment and perception of the value of science, renounce put out with dynamite to the root . \"he said. Ashura and Muharram due to publish messages Tahtacı Alevis Culture Association Chairman striking comments came from the passenger Bilginç . As uphold the Islam Sufi order of the Anatolian people , Ataturk Republic also Bilginç indicating that glorify adopt , Imam Hussein , and emphasizing that the great similarities between the Great Leader Atatürk , \"Happy Canakkale grandfather , the state fought without fear that they have established with intellectuals thoughtful leaders \"he said. first 347 years ago Photo Bereavement fast Imam Hussein, President of the Association stating Karbala massacre held due Bilginç ,\"First Imam Husseini heartfelt affection , love , remembering with respect , all of our citizens to be acceptance of Muharram fasting and Assyria I wish , \"he said . Karbala the road while Imam Hussein in the next , leaving later go back and Imam Hussein alone , almost Yezit and noted that facilitate massacred by the army Bilginç , \"Alevis 1347 years later still doing weeping CEMs , Assyrians are distributing cooked , eating , reading prayers Imam Hussein continue to mention. Imam Hussein is not possible not to admire the courage and honorable attitude . But he's in the Dardanelles by fleeing to leave half way way to Karbala, led by Mustafa Kemal in the running to death , the enemy we compare our full conviction attacking grandfather we see that much difference between the two cliffs , \"he said . Bilginç , explain their continued:Photo \"referring to the Muslim country's Islamic religious communities , away from light , we see that condemned a reactionary bigot life. From science it with a period of secular democratic Turkey of Ataturk , we examine the breakthrough since modernity and enlightenment , \"Happy Canakkale at up of the state fought without fear , our grandfather He was enlightened with thoughtful leader \"we can not get ourselves to say . as glorify Anatolian folk Islam of the Sufi order , adopted the Atatürk Republic and glorified . Now the Republic and it is time to stand up for secularism. I hope that govern this beautiful country secularism which is the source of this enlightenment , democracy and understand the value of science, give up put dynamite in the root , with interest. Both Çanakkale martyrs and veterans of our , we remember with respect us as well as the Great Leader Ataturk and . Imam Hussein , cruel bow , we are a sacred value for with dignity one leading to death , Mustafa Kemal colonial and imperialist subjugation from their inside collaborators , defied death for the sake of independence hero and one of the great revolutionary . These aspects are very similar to each other . But the murder of Imam Hussein , the most important factor causing the rise of Ataturk's victories are the people on the sides . Let's see how far we will give the people of Turkey as a test ? Choice of our cowardice, treachery, we will useterms do not suck up to Muawiyah mentality for our benefit , or as Imam Hussein , like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , is upright in the face of cruel , we will choose does come with an unconditional Republic . Muharram fasting upright teaches the right way . So stay open this fast , tough levels trying to download the tour is preposterous . \"

Alevi Association President Passenger Muharram Message from Bilginç !" comments for.


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