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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:48

AK Party group meeting

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"Our Flame of our citizens embrace our cause discomfort in some parties , primarily the CHP,\"he said.

Ankara news: Photo Prime Minister Davutoglu, the Turkish Parliament , the AK Party Group meeting addressed the party . Ethnic and sectarian any policy deny that specifies Davutoglu, \"in History witness whether this land believe this seed is of the utmost sublime exit with a heritage of those addition to this sooner. Nevsehir Haci Bektas our district all our brothers and sisters , to friends , life to , I would salute once more an employee , they press on me shout for . we Hz with Hacıbektaş parents. There is no difference between Mevlana . Both are the same beautiful from fed affection springs. Hz . Mevlana we show in Konya affection Haci Bektas-i Veli Hadji is the product of the conversation the same feeling we have shown in Bektas . for the first time the day of Ashura occasion Hacıbektaş Parents who visited the first Republic of Turkey Prime Minister to be yielded proud of me, \"he said .
AK Party as to strengthen affection bonds among all citizens of the basis of 12 years of politics and to fortify the bonds of loyalty between the citizen and the state voicing Davutoglu, \"We are a party to a peace settlement process , trying to prevail as a permanent brotherhood project , on the other hand, Sunni , Alawite discrimination on committed to breaking of the accounts which account. No one's going to let this land in ethnic and the sectarian-based separation fueled , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, should Haci Bektas-i Veli visit gave answers to the debate in the framework of the visit either . Flame and the two main veins underlined that Davutoglu Bektashi tradition , their the \"12 imams tradition\"and \"Hz . He rooted blessed lineage dating back to the Prophet \", he said .
It combines two sources in Anatolia and the Islamic culture a color and Davutoglu said rooted as condiment in Anatolia , \"Our whole Alevi citizens , both'll help them in the both equal citizenship rights Alevism will continue to support them whatever is necessary for the protection of this unique character . In this context, Ministers of Haci Bektas-i Veli we receive the decision from the Board prior to my visit and Haci Bektas-i Veli in both Hz . Will no longer be charged in Rumi's tomb. There outing , the ratio of wages to be influenced was the practice of those who wish to benefit from a wrong already . They will organize a whole and the Prophet . Mevlana, Haci Bektas-i Veli visited , those who want to exploit their enlightened will go to those places with an earthy account. Only with decency with Erkan with awe he will go to the places and he enlightened receivables from sights \"he said .
\"Our present our visit and there we embrace our Alevi citizens that our messages will cause discomfort in some party , \"said Davutoglu, said:\"First the CHP. My mission one day before they feel the need to pack an Alevi description , I do not know if they did not explain my visit . Notice that there is always referred to in that package workshops held during the AK Party government . Our power in our Alevi citizens until our issues are not discussed openly in no time ... When you look at this package announced by the CHP's always'istemezük'you'll see the concept.'Religion classes get up','Religion phrase you up', my Haci Bektas-i Veli and I saw all those Ulu those basic characteristics are communicating with symbols of Islamic culture and civilization . Welcomed me'Ali mihi man'saying they meet . Each incoming guests Hz . We're talking about a tradition that serves as Ali . Cited they do parties Hz . Prophet's grandsons are sons , Hz . Ali , the Prophet. Hassan is the Prophet . Is Hussein , the Prophet. Zeynel Abidin is the Prophet . Jafari is loyal ... see all these seyit range , today it represents all of the Alevi and Alevism is the exact opposite of the phrases used by the employee to prove that a non-Muslim tradition . All are seyit , all imam, is an all-grandson of the prophet . How do you say this is an understanding of both the 12 imams will be presenting as a non-contact with both the Alevi Bektashi tradition of Islamic tradition. I'm sure all Alevi citizens , sincerely our brothers and sisters who adopted Alevism with takbir this discussion are made ​​in the original form in themselves and in each Muharram fasting I attended , the answer against those who want to break that tradition maintained by Salavat best they give . What they meant this:'So that you get a Alevism removed from the common value of these lands . So the 12 imams Is it different Khorasan memories ? I Alevi your citizens , it bears all the Alevi intellectuals , I want to declare the month of reading the next month of Haci Bektas-i Veli Maqalat . \"Photo \" plagued by CHP LISTEN TO FIGHT TO \"
in the CHP package Flame \"Religion course , let's close the needle \"Davutoglu stated that the proposal takes place , \"because the CHP's head , there's a way to fight always listen to in your mind. They never get over it. If the Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge is insulting any denomination of course , if any religion only developed in only Islamic culture such as Alevism and emerged with these concepts sect and meşrep not another religion even Abrahamic tradition except that Christianity and Judaism outside of Buddhism and others arbitration is If the language of hatred against them before I used inference against him , before the AK Party opposes . Our understanding of language is not never hate . But if the new language grows each religion tells if such a sect told no such arbitration is what's the harm if you get the chance to recognize it . What is your understanding of this struggle ? \"He said.
\" 3 YES ALTERNATIVE \"Photo Davutoglu, said:\"There are three alternatives. Removal of a religion class. When we remove the religious classes , how do we prevent this type of radicalization taking place in society , especially in education today Isidor radicalism . New growing Sunni and Alevi youth will own religious understanding how culture against rising wrong . Religion course when it is not seen how extremely wrong conclusions emerge to meet this need does ? They banned , banned single-party period . What happened? Unfortunately, new generations will not even count has become obligatory for those ages 32 to previous generations was the thing that most of us are suffering. What's the harm , to become familiar with the religious culture .
Second alternative is:Sunni Sunni youth , the Alevi youth recite Alevism , as electives. And as if there were two separate paradigm here , how damage proselytize cultural understanding through an opposition Can you imagine it , reveals how an opposition ? Sunnis Sunnism and will only know it will read the Prophet . Haci Bektas-i Veli will not recognize the Alevi-Sunni tradition , young people do not know . Will assume that you read these two traditions against each other. Today if Alevi and Sunni tradition as opposing If you are looking to introduce a belief that history, culture, Alevism and Sunnism is ignorant. I did not feel any strangeness when I had the presence of Haci Bektas-i Veli , does not feel any Sunni . Our brother a flame , Konya Hz. When Rumi and Bursa Emir Sultan does not feel it . Strengthening their common ground of our subject .
Third alternative alternative if we have been advocating . Religion and Ethics courses are the most extensive curriculum for all denominations , meşrep , religious understanding and internalizing the inside should be taught to teach an approach to a new generation of young people. There is no way in the course of a religion , sect can not be said to be insulting . Humiliation, routing , we do not give permission to insult members of a sect . \"

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