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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 11:12

79 Weight in Pounds In 4 Months Treatment with 165 index

79 Weight in Pounds In 4 Months Treatment with 165 index
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165 pounds a bariatric patients in Samsun, down to 79 pounds in 4 months of treatment results.

Samsun news: 165 pounds a bariatric patients in Samsun, down to 79 pounds in 4 months of treatment results.
Medicana Samsun Hospital, 165 kilograms and body mass index of 66.9, the applicant AV View information about the patient that General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Genghis Kayak, team work effectively treat obesity can be noted. Obesity is a disease that should be treated with absolute attention Medicana Samsun Hospital, Department of General Surgery Assoc. Dr.. Genghis Kayak, treatment is definitely a collaborative effort that drew attention. Kayak,"This team, endocrinology, psychiatry, general surgery and diet, nutrition experts composed of and methods of treatment is determined. Moreover after physical therapy clinics will be held, post-operative rehabilitation work in the success was more pronounced provides. These types of issues or problems of our patients, primarily related to obesity and experienced in this field and fully equipped teams where health centers, application is required. treatment will be applied in the right choice, success and consequent health also will bring. this issue to a certain standard, although not state of the patient appropriate treatment choice for success in providing the most important point,"he said.
Medicana Samsun Hospital, said in a statement the following information was given :"H OATS our AV 1975 born in Samsun female patient applied to us during the 165 weight, body mass index 66.9 to being, as well as excessive weight of the very serious respiratory distress were living. Oxygen without the support breathing had no chance and that the bearing does and continuous seated position and with supplemental oxygen to live was not working. Naturally consciousness blurred evaluated. Patients and their relatives of the table seriousness explaining the immediate hospitalization is required described and staged treatment on the need for information was given. Our patient at the hospital, primarily swelling in the body and the breath of relief for the medical treatment was started. Firstly, treatment responsibility Endocrinologists Dr. Erdal by blood, taking as soon as the patient's medical treatment with the help of body edema rid of was achieved. patient clinical as relieved and the operations become feasible when the Assoc. Dr.. Genghis Kayak to the patient by gastric tube is defined as sleeve gastrectomy surgery on July 16, 2013 was performed. patient had surgery followed by 3 days in hospital extremely relieved, the General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Cengiz Kayak, Endocrinologists Erdal Blood and Nutrition and Diet Expert Bundle Sayar followed by the order to be discharged. During this period, our patient Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.. Selcuk Dundar by obesity rehabilitation treatment was also applied. hospital Our Mental and Nervous Diseases Specialist Dr.. Aysegul Aydin by our patients psychologically supported. patient had follow-up in the 4th month 79 pounds landed, body mass index also dropped to 32 and the laboratory tests no problem was not seen. Patient us now to normal life returned and age-appropriate way had begun to experience. above seriously from the sample as can be understood; obesity Not a fate no longer in today's circumstances, it certainly is a disease that should be treated."

79 Weight in Pounds In 4 Months Treatment with 165 index" comments for.


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