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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:57

40 percent increase in the budget of the Municipality of Kastamonu

40 percent increase in the budget of the Municipality of Kastamonu
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Kastamonu Council's 2015 budget, according to an additional 40 percent increase in 2014 made ​​the first budget was set at 140 million.

Kastamonu news:
Kastamonu City Council , the Mayor convened under the chairmanship of the service building Tahsin father . Plan and Budget Commission prepared and discussed the draft budget adopted in 2015 in Kastamonu Municipality's safe to 16 million 714 thousand pounds of tax , 48 million 855 thousand pounds of enterprise and property 602 thousand pounds of donations and grants , 20 million 151 thousand pounds of capital , 2 million 800 thousand pounds in the collection , 25 million 400 thousand pounds rebates , 53 million 647 thousand pounds would be a total of 140 million pounds in the source input , including other income was specified. 100 million pounds in 2014 adopted the municipal budget, then a newly established 5 directorate had been an additional budget of 133 million pounds. Than 7 million pounds in 2015 to increase the budget of the Municipality of Kastamonu , Kastamonu to serve the 140 million pounds budget. Continuing on the board within 22 Kastamonu uninterrupted service directorates Municipality Directorate of Support Services is the largest grant was allocated to the Directorate of Technical Services , Human Resources and Training Department . Support Services Directorate for 2015, 36 million 850 thousand pounds grant leave , and the appropriation of Human Resources and Training Department was set at 28 million 429 thousand pounds. Budget of the Directorate of Technical Services for 2015 was allocated 24 million 674 thousand pounds allowance. Councillor also the budget of the Clerk Office 1 million 128 thousand pounds , Information Technology Directorate of the budget of 1 million 872 thousand pounds , Internal Audit Department's budget of 89 thousand pounds , Legal Affairs Directorate of the budget of 1 million 15 thousand pounds , Culture and Social Affairs budget of 2 million 259 thousand pounds , State Department's budget of 357 thousand pounds , 3 million 783 thousand pounds in the budget of the Financial Services Department , Housing and Urban Development Department's budget of 2 million 314 thousand pounds , Fire Department'nude budget of 536 thousand pounds , Cemeteries Department's budget of 4 million 168 thousand pounds , Transportation Services Department's budget to 749 thousand pounds , the budget of the Parks and Directorate of 2 million 692 thousand pounds , Sports Department's budget of 3 million 392 thousand pounds , water and Sewerage Department's budget of 13 million 204 thousand pounds , Real Estate and Expropriation Department's budget 7 million 429 thousand pounds , Cleaning Department's budget of 1 million 297 thousand pounds , Veterinary Department's budget of 2 million 26 thousand pounds , Writing Affairs of the budget of 1 million 386 thousand pounds and Surveillance Directorate of the budget was also determined as 349 thousand pounds.
< strong> STUDENTS from MUNICIPALITIES , DRINKING WATER SALE < br/> Also Kastamonu City Council in 2015, the water in the budget negotiations , we discussed the tariff wastewater and municipal solid waste fee . Accordingly, Kastamonu students studying in by going to the reduction of drinking water were identified as KDV except for 1.56 pounds.
Other than that Kastamonu City Council , KDV exception of 1.96 pounds for 1 cubic meter of water for residential subscribers , except KDV for 1 cubic meter of waste water 1:10 pounds , I decided to pay 4.33 pounds , except KDV possible within municipal Solid Waste . In addition, the City Council , to read in the higher education institutions in Kastamonu , counter water fees are to submit to apply for the necessary documentation of the students on the subscription abroad , sports and charities agreed to benefit the consensus of the tariff. Students who are on the water meter , 1.56 pounds KDV except for one cubic meter of water , and 1 cubic meter of water for normal residential subscribers 1. 96 TL + KDV will pay .

40 percent increase in the budget of the Municipality of Kastamonu" comments for.


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