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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Aralık 2013, Salı 15:40

16 year old patient's nose has cleared the Stones

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In Sanliurfa living and long-term nasal congestion, discharge, headaches, and 16-year-old patient suffering from a sleep disorder, medicine rare 'rhinolith called' nose was determined to be claimed.

In Sanliurfa living and long-term nasal congestion, discharge, headaches and sleep disorder sufferer of 16-year-old patient, medicine rare 'rhinolith called' nose bear was determined to be.
Sanliurfa living in the 16-year-old patient, nearly 3 years nasal congestion, discharge, headaches and sleep disorders Mehmet Akif be said that two days ago Sanliurfa Education and Research Hospital Otolaryngology believe was admitted to the outpatient clinic. Experts who examined the patients Dr. Mehmet Erkan Coating, patients seem rare in medicine 'rhinolith' move is called the nose should be detected and surgery was decided. The surgery takes about 30 minutes stones formed in the patient's nose was cleared successfully. Dr. said the surgery was successful. Mehmet Erkan Coating, this type of case is very rare in medicine, he said.
Eyes, nose stones when viewed greenish gray color and is seen as irregular expressing DR. Coating,"rhinolith first (nose pieces) in the nasal cavity from internal or external foci mineralization is caused. Mineralization nasal cavity's focal foreign body effects on inflammatory reactions, forming calcium and magnesium salts in the accumulation occurs. This initial focus usually in children fruit kernels, beads , buttons, pebbles and gas buffer like leftovers is external. rarely focus on the teeth, sequestrum, dried blood and bone fragments as internal origin. rhinolith, the long-term unilateral nasal obstruction and foul-smelling nasal discharge based complaints. headache, nasal bleeding, loss of smell can also be seen, such as complaints,"he said.
patient is 3 years, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, headache, explaining that complaints, said recently very ill very quickly. Complaints of increased Sanliurfa Mehmet Akif Believe Training and Research Hospital, stating that the patient,"Doctor, when examining the right nostril Me of a foreign body and that this stone could be said. Was very surprised. Surgery after nasal congestion and smelly rhinorhea completely passed . perform my surgery Op. Dr.. Mehmet Erkan thank Coating,"he said.

16 year old patient's nose has cleared the Stones" comments for.


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